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IntelliStress provides virtual leadership coaching programs to help you and your team upgrade your leadership effectiveness. A famous leadership coach once said: “If you’re not growing, you’re dead.” In today’s world where constant change is the norm, it’s certainly true that if you’re not growing, you’ll swiftly fall to the back of the pack. 


As you read through the 3 leadership categories described below, begin by asking yourself the following simple questions:

  • “Where am I on the below leadership continuum?”
  • “Would I like to customize my own leadership development program by mixing and matching options from the 3 program categories?”  


Because your leadership journey may not have been as comprehensive as IntelliStress recommends at each level of leadership, customizing a coaching program that includes skills you’ve missed at earlier stages will be important in the long-run for your leadership success. 


Most leaders can be categorized into three classifications

  1. Emergent leaders 
  2. Progressive leaders 
  3. Visionary leaders 


Each category of leadership has specific development needs and outcomes desired from leadership coaching. And, as you develop your soft skills, you’ll have the experience and talents to rise up the ranks in your organization. 


Below we outline the following points when developing leaders for each category, depending on where they fall on the leadership development continuum. 

  • Leadership Category Level 
  • Development Needs
  • Ideal Coaching Candidates 
  • Expected Coaching Results
  • Coaching Action Plan 


Leadership Development Continuum

Emergent Leaders: 

High-potential employees to be groomed for management positions. 

Development Needs:

  • Transitioning from an individual contributor’ to an effective leader 
  • Building internal and external networks 
  • Maintaining day-to-day operations while proactively anticipating the future.


Ideal Coaching Candidates: 

  • High-potential employees
  • Little or no experience leading others 
  • Employees who the company wants to retain 


Expected Coaching Results:

  • Become competent leaders and managers 
  • Attain developmental goals
  • Retained and motivated 
  • Passionate about career aspirations 


Coaching Action Plan:

  • Practice 25 emergent leadership competencies 
  • Improve self-esteem 
  • Upgrade professional communication 
  • Build emotional Intelligence 


Progressive Leaders: 

Rising stars taking on expanded responsibility and needing to upgrade leadership effectiveness to build alignment and culture.

Development Needs:

  • Motivating through vision and values 
  • Engaging through strategic influence 
  • Building professional brand 
  • Modeling leadership behaviors, values, and emotional intelligence 
  • Inspiring strategic collaboration 


Ideal Coaching Candidates: 

  • Expanding leadership scope or responsibility
  • Needing to improve internal and external leadership effectiveness
  • Must elevate importance of accountability and culture 


Expected Coaching Results:

  • Improved team and organizational performance
  • Achieve agreed upon goals
  • Improved partnering, influence, and delegation capability 
  • Passionate about career ambitions 
  • Improved management effectiveness 
  • Developed as an adaptable communicator 


Coaching Action Plan: 

  • Understand leadership and management communication styles 
  • Upgrade 25 leadership competencies 
  • Accelerate personal and team performance 
  • Elevate team dynamics and inclusion 
  • Succeed by managing vertically and horizontally 
  • Advance others through giving and receiving feedback 
  • Mitigate hidden biases 


Visionary Leaders: 

Senior executives responsible for creating the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic direction.

Development Needs:

  • Crafting strategic vision, mission, and values 
  • Improving business performance and scaling financial results 
  • Seeking organizational – feedback and alignment 
  • Coping with corporate isolation 
  • Maintaining personal and professional balance 
  • Identifying and developing successors 


Ideal Coaching Candidates: 

  • Transitioning to new executive roles and expanding scope and responsibility 
  • Needing to create inspiring vision, core purpose, and business strategies
  • Needing to improve decision-making process 
  • Struggling with organizational politics
  • Wanting to quickly build a highly productive culture 


Expected Coaching Results: 

  • Executed successful business strategy while planning future business objectives 
  • Established succession plans 
  • Improved internal and external relationships 
  • Upgraded leadership behaviors that enhance organizational alignment and culture


Coaching Action Plan:

  • Executive presence and story telling 
  • In-depth problem assessment, including individual and organizational assessments 
  • Broader scope of conversation – more strategic, involving larger number of stakeholders
  • Clarity around broader organizational issues
  • Strategic application of “good politics” 
  • Confidential in-depth planning to develop successors 
  • Thought partner as confidant, being a sounding board to unload stresses 



Our comprehensive leadership coaching programs will help you develop the skills necessary to take on the responsibilities required at any level of your organization. Schedule now with an IntelliStress advisor so we can learn more about your career aspirations so that together we can design a customize leadership coaching program to fit your unique situation.