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About us

The human brain has never had to deal with as many stressors as jobs require today: heavy workloads, constant connectivity, and complicated relationships.

What’s worse, the innumerable approaches to stress are fragmented and only target the symptoms, not the root causes.

IntelliStress is connecting the dots to help people realize that there is a personalized approach to reduce stress, integrating cutting-edge behavioral, emotional, and cognitive science with superior business coaching


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Our mission is to encourage hope and renew strength to all leaders by unlocking their contributions and giving them keys to clarity.

A portion of our profits goes to our charitable partner, Guide Dogs for the Blind www.guidedogs.com


Donald Hunter is an internationally sought-after consultant, speaker, author, business and executive coach who has traveled around the world helping people of different cultures achieve their best. For over 10 years, he has produced increased returns for executive leaders through his leadership and organizational development experience, leading executive coaching programs for Royal Dutch Shell, the City of Palo Alto, ILFC, and Fathom Realty.

Donald’s executive coaching establishes an action plan for each leader as an accountability and decision-making framework for continuous improvement, and develops their ability to inspire through clear goals and visions. He obtained his computer science degree from UC Berkeley and his MBA from MIT.