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      Learning how to develop leadership skills will prepare you to lead during rapid change. Technological changes such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain will cause titanic shifts in the U.S. workforce. Furthermore, economic change caused by the 2020 pandemic, will continue to shape the way we work in the future. This uncertainty will place ever increasing demands on leaders to manage change while helping their employees to evolve. If you develop the key leadership skills we discuss below, you will prepare yourself to prosper throughout this uncertain time. Now, our leadership assessments measure 25 leadership competencies. We also measure leadership behaviors, emotional intelligence, and motivations. However, these five leadership skills represent the most essential competencies for leaders.


      Verbal communication skills: Image of a male leader telling a persuasive story with humor

      Effective leadership requires excellent verbal and written communication skills.

      How to Develop Leadership Skills at Work

      Now, let’s first cover a leadership coaching action plan to improve leadership skills. We recommend that you work on developing only one leadership skill at a time. Take time each day to reflect on the skill you want to improve. Now, think about what happened that day. Then, write a plan for what you will do differently the next time. Next, commit to practicing your newly planned behaviors. Before you know it, you’ll learn how to develop leadership skills with ease.  The leadership skills we discuss include:

      • Futuristic thinking
      • Leadership
      • Influencing others
      • People development
      • Project management


      Image of a male leader pondering possibilities for customers and how his team will make it happen.

      Guglielmo Marconi, born 1874, the man who networked the world was the first person to speak publicly about what we now call cellphones, tasers, and radar.

      How to Improve Leadership Skills Through Futuristic Thinking

      Imagining, envisioning, projecting to create what has not yet been realized: Futuristic leaders possess the ability to Create an environment where forward thinking is the norm not the exception. They connect the dots and see the big picture. They look beyond the dynamics driving the current situation that can have long-term effects. These leaders imagine the future and use anticipation and intuition as well as factual events to come to conclusions. Futuristic leaders recognize, support and champion cutting-edge ideas. They envision possibilities others may not. They also pursue ideas that may be seen as unobtainable. Consequently, futuristic leaders mentally live in the future and do not allow current systems to cloud their vision. Because futuristic leaders proactively anticipate potential problems and opportunities, they empower their teams to be nimble. The team responds dynamically to change before it occurs. The next developing leadership skills topic gives you a practical summary of leadership.


      Team inspire: Image conveying a team being moved, touched, and inspired by a vision

      Motivate your customers, partners, and employees through a compelling vision.

      How to Develop Leadership Skills to Further Leadership Effectiveness

      Uniting and motivating people to believe in your vision and creating purpose and direction: Now, to be an effective leader, you must learn to inspire others with compelling visions. While taking risks for your purpose, vision or mission. You must have the ability to build trust with the people you want to follow you.  As well, you must demonstrate loyalty and integrity with consistency between your words and actions. In other words, you want the tongue in your mouth to be aligned with the tongue in your shoe. So, when you say something, others will believe it will happen. Now, you must also optimistically project positive expectations for others. You must also delegate appropriate levels of responsibility and authority. In addition, effective leaders involve people in decisions that affect them. They also deal with performance issues straightaway, fairly and consistently. Now, it’s also the leader’s job to adapt systems and approaches. This ensures you create things in ways that empower others to be successful. Lastly, decisions must be made that maximize returns for the organization.  While you also mitigate the negative impacts on the people. Now, the next developing leadership skills topic discusses how to influence others.


      Presentation skills: Image of a female leader standing in front of a chart, training her team

      Effective leaders accomplish great things through influencing others.

      Developing Leadership Skills Through Influencing Others

      Personally affecting others’ behaviors, motivations, ideas and points of view: To become an influential leader, you must stay self-aware. You must also learn to use your awareness of others’ needs, wants, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior to promote your vision, mission or values. In short, this means you must first build trust and credibility before influencing others. To  cause the desired outcome, you must understand how to use the behaviors of others. This means you will need to get good at using logic and reason to adapt realistic arguments. You’ll need to challenge others’ assumptions and address the obstacles that block people from seeing the benefits. Another important influence strategy is to leverage another person’s credibility in an indirect but important way to meet your goals. Bottomline, influence is about shifting others to your way of thinking without force or coercion. While at the same time inspiring others by being an example. The next developing leadership skills topic gives you a framework for developing top talent.


      Diversity and inclusion: Image of a team high fiving each other, indicating that the leader has earned their trust and inspired their contribution.

      A leader who promotes D&I builds trust and collaboration in her team.

      How to Improve Leadership Skills In People Development

      Mentoring, supporting and contributing to the growth of others’ careers: First,  you must encourage people to take initiative. Hence, you must get them to want to improve. Leaders must be capable of Inspiring confidence in others. This also means that you must be able to Identify and support developmental opportunities. As a leader, it’s your job to help your employees grow. This means you must Understand the uniqueness and current level of each team member. Now, another way to develop others is to Give new and challenging work assignments and acknowledge and praise improvement. Then, treat missteps as opportunities for learning. The final developing leadership skills topic gives you a practical summary of project management.


      Project management skills: Image of a female leader with her team reviewing the project plan

      Effective project planning requires team collaboration.

      How to Develop Leadership Skills for Better Project Management

      Identifies and manages all resources, tasks, systems and the team to achieve desired outcomes: For effective leadership, you must establish a solid foundation for projects you lead. You must get good at planning for all the required things you will need to achieve your project goals and objectives. One of these is your ability to employ the right people with the right skills and behaviors.  “Get the right people in the right seats on the bus.” Next, you must insist that every member of your team maintain high performance standards. You will need to hold people accountable and get them to focus on achieving  project goals and priorities. Because you have a bird’s eye view of the project, you must see barriers to accomplishing objectives and quickly remove them. This also includes that you ensure adequate resources are available to achieve project goals. Now, you may delegate some aspects of your leadership responsibilities and authority if you have developed your team well. More importantly, your ability to make sound decisions will be critical to your success. Which also means that you will need to ensure decisions you make reflect the project goals instead of favoritism or outside pressures. Throughout the project lifecycle, you will need to continually Plan, organize, motivate and manage resources, procedures and protocols.  This means you’ll need to not only focus on your goals, but also adapt to project constraints.



      Rapid technological changes taking place across all industries like artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain causes uncertainty in many organizations. Learning how to develop leadership skills at work will prepare you to lead in these uncertain times. Our leadership assessments measure 25 leadership competencies. When you take the leadership assessments you will have a solid development plan to improve leadership skills.   These foundational leadership competencies should be in every leaders’ skillset. However, we acknowledge that some leadership positions may require additional skills beyond these competencies . We specialize in leadership coaching, helping organizations to understand the unique competencies required for any leadership position.

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