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Targeted stress management and leadership development program tailored to your business goals and unique psychological and physiological profiles

IntelliStress coaching and consulting engagements produce significant financial returns. 

Not only will you sharpen your leadership competencies and be recognized for creating positive financial results, you will learn how to more effectively manage stress as you increase responsibility.

The Leadership Coaching Process:

  • Establish measurable and attainable goals and contact frequency
  • Identify positive NPV projects
  • Develop ongoing awareness of stress triggers and management
  • Strengthen leadership behaviors, competencies, and communication
  • Acquire influence competencies and awareness of others’ motivators
  • Inspire emotional intelligence in others for organizational effectiveness

Next Steps

Before coaching begins, schedule a brief call with an IntelliStress Solutions Consultant to pick the assessments that best match your goals, discuss pricing, and assign a coach for your debrief.

Before you meet with your leadership coach, complete your assessments and  review the results to prepare for your assessment debrief.

Your coach will debrief your assessment and help you create a comprehensive leadership development plan which will mitigate your stress so you can confidently achieve your personal and professional goals.

As you progress through the program, your coach will continue to design challenging commitments between coaching sessions to reach your goals that advance your career.