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      Targeted stress management and leadership development program tailored to your work performance goals and personal leadership profiles

      IntelliStress leadership coaching sessions produce significant financial returns. They also help you to improve your work performance.

      In this leadership program, you will sharpen your leadership competencies and be recognized for creating positive financial results.  Additionally, you will learn helpful ways to manage stress as you increase productivity.


      The Leadership Coaching Process

      • Establish measurable and attainable work performance goals and contact frequency
      • Identify positive NPV projects for career advancement opportunities
      • Develop ongoing awareness of work stressors and ways to manage stress
      • Strengthen leadership competencies, leadership behaviors,  and leadership communication skills
      • Acquire additional leadership competencies to adapt to different communication styles
      • Inspire emotional intelligence skills in others to increase productivity
      Leadership coaching program: Image of successful male executive relaxed and having fun with his team

      Next Steps

      Before leadership coaching begins, schedule a brief call with an IntelliStress leadership coach. You will pick the assessments that best match your work performance goals, discuss pricing, and assign a coach for your debrief.

      Before you meet with your coach, complete your leadership profiles and  review the results to prepare for your assessment debrief.

      Your coach will debrief your leadership assessment and assist you in creating a comprehensive leadership development plan. This plan will allow You to reduce your work stressors so you can confidently achieve your work performance goals.

      As you progress through this leadership program, your coach will help you design challenging commitments.  And in no time, you’ll reach your work performance goals and achieve your career advancement opportunities.

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