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      Free exploratory call with a stress coach to evaluate work stressors and identify stress related problems in the workplace

      This free 45-minute initial stress coaching session offers no-obligation exploration of stress related problems in the workplace. You can get expert help to deal with your work stress .


      Leaders going through Emotional burnout, feeling physical stress factors, and worrying about their stress symptoms have all benefited from these private sessions.


       The Stress Coaching Process:

      • Identify pain points and share how work stress is affecting your work performance
      • Introduce empowering alternatives and perspectives for overcoming burnout at work
      • Scope out future goals and potential engagements to manage work performance and stress related problems in the workplace

      image of successful female executive, easily coping with work stressors.

      Next Steps

      Fill out the form below to schedule a 45-minute work stress session at a time that’s convenient for you.


      Be in a quiet place and be ready to take lots of notes. Because, you’ll get all that you need to overcome burnout at work and improve your work performance.