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Virtual Psychological Assessments

Scientifically-validated assessments to target stress triggers and leadership effectiveness through analyzing psychological traits

Research has shown that the most effective leaders understand both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their jobs.

The IntelliStress assessments capture, synthesize, and generate your personal blueprint which your coach will use to advance your performance. Combined with leadership coaching, you’ll gain an in-depth awareness of self and others to enhance your career.

The Assessment Process:

  • Complete assessments measuring 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence and 25 leadership competencies
  • Debrief results to understand personal and professional stressors and customized response strategies
  • Apply insights to your specific business and leadership challenges

Next Steps

Schedule a brief call with an IntelliStress coach to pick the assessments that best match your goals, discuss pricing, and assign a coach for your debrief.

Before you meet with your leadership coach, complete your virtual assessments and  review the results to prepare for your assessment debrief.

Your coach will debrief your assessment and help you create a comprehensive leadership development plan which will mitigate your stress so you can confidently achieve your personal and professional goals.