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      IntelliStress believes what causes stress at work is the way you respond to the things which happen to you or things that occur in your environment. If you think realistically about things coming at you or around you, then that will stimulate you. However, if you respond pessimistically towards events or situations instead of considering new possibilities, then you may become stressed. This is one reason why two people experience the same situation and one thrives while the other experiences debilitating stress. 

      Now, stress comes also from you needing to perform at an intense level for long periods of time without any breaks, resulting in stress symptoms that may affect your physical and psychological wellbeing. 

      Below is a summary of how excess stress may cause teams dissatisfaction and harm. We also make the distinction between stress and challenge. Even if you love what you do, any position can have stressors. Some stress at work is common, but too much stress can affect your productivity and may affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

      Your capacity to cope with stress may determine the difference between success and failure. Stress can be positive, but most people require a break from stress to recharge.

      Now, there are some situations you can’t control at work, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless — even when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. Finding ways to manage stress isn’t about making lots of changes or reevaluating career goals, but it’s about focusing on things within your control. 

      IntelliStress distinguishes what causes work stress as the detrimental physical and emotional responses that occur when job requirements don’t match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the employee. 

      The idea of work stress is often confused with a challenge, but these notions are not the same. Being challenged can energize you mentally and physically. It can also motivate you to learn new skills and master your job. When you meet a challenge, you feel energized and fulfilled. 

      You can see, being challenged is important to stay healthy and productive. 

      A healthy work environment can be described as a situation where the regular stressors you encounter are well matched to your abilities and resources, to the amount of control you have over Your work results, and the support you receive from your manager and coworkers. 

      Therefore, stress is a natural fact of life. Stress can be your cognitive response to change, which require an adjustment or reaction. Things happening to you and Things in your environment put stress on your mind. Your brain reacts to changes with physical, psychological and emotional responses. Your body is wired to feel stress and react to it. 

      On the other hand, stress can be positive, causing you to stay alert and engaged. Stress turns negative when you confront constant challenges without a break or don’t receive rest between challenges. 

      As stress-related pressure increases, the following stress symptoms can result.  


      Physical stress symptoms: 

      • Low energy 
      • Aches and pains 
      • Frequent illness 


      Emotional stress symptoms: 

      • Irritability 
      • Feeling overwhelmed 
      • Moodiness 


      Cognitive stress symptoms: 

      • Inability to concentrate 
      • Memory problems 
      • Poor judgment 


      Behavioral stress symptoms: 

      • Eating or sleeping issues 
      • Procrastination 
      • Nervous habits 



      IntelliStress believes that the most effective method for ensuring stress works for you and not against you is to be thoughtful about how you react to stressors in the workplace. Often it’s simply focusing on what you can control while compartmentalizing and focusing on the thing you can do in that moment. By doing this, you will expand your perspective of the situation which will help you create good outcomes, and thereby moderate what causes your stress.

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